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Ryan Daykin has teamed up with award winning producer Michael Paynter (The Veronicas, Anja Nissen, Casey Barnes) & Michael Delorenzis of Msquared Productions, to create a new pop release, ‘Pressure’. Testing the water outside of his usual genre on country, Daykin’s vocals prove he can shift between genres with ease, fitting perfectly between pop beats just as it does with steel guitars and country licks.


Msquared are no stranger to Country music either, just completing up and coming Casey Barnes’ last singles which topped the Country Radio Charts, this combination is unquestionably a perfect match.

Lending his vocals to this Kyran tune, Ryan Daykin’s latest ear worm ‘Pressure’ is bound to get stuck in your head and go to the top of your request list when you need to dance.


Written by Daykin, Paynter and Delorenzis its message is strong, uplifting, inspiring and damn catchy. ‘I get strong under pressure’ an instant anthem for anyone going through a tough time. Pressure creates great things, because this single is a diamond waiting to be found.


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