"Ryan Daykin - an unmistakable talent, and a voice that truly moves me"

- Lyn Bowtell

"Ryan Daykin is part of the fresh new wave of up & coming country music in Australia. Ryan is a unique talent that connects with his audience"

- Tamara Stewart

"As a singer, Ryan Daykin can take us anywhere high and anywhere low. Fact that he does this with a groove, and writes awesome colour melodies too, is our special treat"

- Karl Broadie

The Victorian-based country/alternative pop artist Ryan Daykin has been making waves down under, and his success has been the result of years of hard work and determination to the craft of authentic songwriting that comes from the heart. 


Ryan tells provocative stories that have been sun-drenched with pure, honest expression, and are derived from his own life experiences and personal encounters. To him, real, relatable experience marks the essence of music, and with well over a decade’s worth of impassioned songwriting, Ryan is recognised for his ability to connect with his fans on a level that far exceeds what currently exists in an age of mass produced, cookie-cutter music. 


Originating from the high country of Victoria, Ryan has spent the last few years building his fan base across Australia. The 2015 release of Ryan’s debut EP ‘Dreams’ received an amazing critical response from country radio and fans, with the first two singles both achieving top 40 radio spots. On its release day, ‘Dreams’ made its mark on the national iTunes country charts. The success of this initial release ultimately led to Ryan achieving 2 nominations in the 2016 Australian Country Music People’s Choice Awards. 


Ryan has been making strides in the industry, and has had the pleasure of writing and sharing the stage with industry heavyweights; such as Allan Caswell, Drew McAlister, Aleyce Simmonds, Kaylens Rain, Karl Broadie, Tamara Stewart, Luke O’Shea and Roger Corbett. 


In mid-2017, Ryan teamed up with renowned pop producers, Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis, of MSquared Productions in Melbourne, and co-wrote and released ‘Pressure’ – a big step out of his comfort zone, but is testament to the fact that Ryan’s ability to bend between genres is second-to-none. He has been carving out a name for himself with his knack for seamlessly blending pop techniques with more traditional country elements like steel guitar riffs and licks. 


Ryan has seen significant success in 2019. His single ‘Ain’t Gonna Miss Me’ premiered in February and made waves across national and international radio, peaking at #4 on the iTunes country charts. It was featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist ‘New Nashville Country’, and was the highest-played song on ABC Country radio nationwide for multiple weeks. 


His EP, ‘Keeping Secrets’ which dropped just a month later, debuted at #8 on the iTunes country charts, peaking at #7 and #24 for the ‘all genres’ category respectively. ‘Arms Length’, a track from the EP also joined the ranks among Spotify’s editorial playlists ‘Fresh Finds: Country’ and ‘New Nashville Country’. It also received rave reviews from publication ‘Country Music Capital News’. 


Not one to stay still, he has locked in multiple collaborations in preparation for his debut album, on which work will commence towards the end of 2019. The record will feature cameos from a wide range of other songwriters and artists, to ultimately create an album that encapsulates his ambitious vision to cover the entire spectrum of influences that makes up his artistry. 


Ryan is by no means your run-of-the-mill, generic country artist. With an ‘outside the square’ approach to music, Ryan Daykin’s mission is singular in that he seeks to perform good music without the constraints of genre limitations. In his words, “a good song is simply a good song”. And with a range of influences that stretch from Motown, to Shania Twain, and almost everything in between, Ryan’s performances are as dynamic as they are captivating. 


So, if you’re into earthy country-alternative with strong hooks and compelling lyrical themes, then definitely take a moment to check out Ryan Daykin’s music, and catch him touring in a city near you.